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Welcome to YouDrummer.com!

Hello and welcome to You Drummer.com. My name is George Woods and I've been playing the drums since the early sixties. I have enjoyed many incredible years in the music business. You Drummer is an attempt to create the first national data base for drummers only. Your participation in this mission is free, so feel free to join us.

I would like to provide every drummer who joins a free electronic press kit. This press kit will include a photo, bio, 2 songs, 1 video, 3 links to your sites(e.g. band, myspace, website, youtube) and your contact information.

Click photo to my profile to see the possibilities.

Eventually YouDrummer.com will be the place where other musicians will find YOU. This will be your business card in the professional world of music.

This is not a social networking site, but it is a site that works for drummers. When you log in you will select the criteria that other musicians will use to find you. You can use the site to learn about many things that pertain to drummers. The links we provide are to great websites that will help you enjoy your experience even more. So no matter if you're a professional drumming monster or an aspiring beginner I invite you aboard this special drum train.

It is time to

Let the drummer out of the box!

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